Power Generation

  • Inspection of chimney (Drone)
  • Visual inspection of Power Plants (Drone)
  • Visual & Thermal inspection of Sub-stations (Drone)

Power Transmission

  • Installing of pulling lines for installing conductors (Drone – Hot Line, River, Valley, and Forest etc.)
  • Live line asset inspection (Drone)
  • Manual Stringing
  • Corona detection (Drone)
  • Foundation

Power distribution

  • Inspection of Sub-stations
  • Identifying & fixing the locations of distribution poles

Renewable Energy

  • Solar Farm Inspection (Visual & Thermal using Drones)
  • Solar Farm Survey (Traditional Survey – Total Station, DGPS)
  • Solar Farm Survey (Drone)
  • Wind farm Inspection (Visual & Thermal using Drones)
  • Wind Farm Survey (Traditional Survey – Total Station, DGPS)
  • Wind Farm Survey (Drone)